Strategic approach

We believe that the foundation of every successful MSP solution is the quality and diversity of suppliers engaged to provide the best workers at a fair market rate. Our industry experts employ a qualitative and quantitative approach along with leading-edge best practices to decisively resolve issues. Known for continually adding value for customers, we are also constantly reviewing opportunities for further improvements.

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World-class best practices, created

Spanning our extensive experience in the workforce management industry, we have not only adhered to world-class best practices, we have created them. The following are just a few of the best practices we leverage:

  • Engaged program steering committee
  • Well defined processes and procedures
  • Strategic partnership approach
  • Intelligent use of Vendor Management Software
  • Appropriate and knowledgeable on-site program management teams
  • Effective Supplier Relationship Management programs
  • BarPellam and client executive sponsorship
  • Clear and thorough change management strategies
  • Program scalability and flexibility
  • Visibility and transparency to costs and performance
  • Business intelligence, analytics and actionable items to support decision making

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Our experience = your success

The best practices we have honed and the lessons we have learned are infused into each solution, ensuring our clients are receiving the most advanced, tested and optimized solutions available in the market.

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Delivering powerful, enduring business results

Another hallmark of our approach is the consistent introduction of forward-thinking ways to increase client satisfaction, improve service and improve our clients’ total cost of ownership for variable labor. These include:

  • Solution customization
  • Program management through our program steering committees
  • Executive involvement
  • Technology agnostic
  • Implementation methodology and program management expertise
  • Co-employment risk mitigation activities
  • Comprehensive supply base management practice with supplier portal

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Case study: Diversified financial services

How BarPellam helped a diversified financial services company reconstruct the components of their staff augmentation program to identify over $1M in savings in four-months.

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